Donut and certainty

There are no scriptures. Nothing is certain.

To even think that any wisdom derived from the concept that is donut would help discern the existence of something as trivial as an “Extended Warranty” is shameful.

Donut does not concern itself with myths like legality. Donut goes beyond such trivialities.

To want any sort of assurances in case taking the bite of faith doesn’t work out negates the bite of faith entirely.

To envelope oneself in the warm embrace of eternal nothingness that exists inside the center of donut, one must accept that there are no assurances.

This is the essence of faith itself. So begone if you wish for something as banal as an assurance against what is offered here, you will not find it.

You will only find that your wish for such things is the leash you chose for yourself to maintain the fallacy of stability and security.

Praise be the sprinkles and the glaze.