Donut Stoicism

Donut Stoicism

Whenever you are offended by another’s shameless words or deeds, ask: Is it reasonable to demand a world with no brazen wrongdoers? Will my being upset help bring about donutopia? No.

Don’t ask the impossible or get upset with the world as it exists. There are shameless people in the world; there are also hot-tempered, ignorant, and untrustworthy people. If you remember that these categories of people exist, you won’t be surprised and upset when you come across such an individual.

It’s also helpful to remember that the cult provides a virtue to counter every wrongful act. Counter unkindness with donuts, dishonesty with donuts, and so on.

Besides, how have they harmed you? If you look, you’ll find they’ve done nothing to degrade your character, disturb your mind, or steal the enlightenment brought by acceptance of the donuts hollow center.

When you meet a person who’s gone astray, either try to enlighten their existence with donuts, or simply tolerate them. It’s no wonder that someone has gone astray if they’ve never been taught about that donut.

If you expect an ignorant person to act like a knowledgeable one, that is your mistake.

Praise be the sprinkles and the frosting.